Friday, 3 May 2013

April Training Update

It seems Winter continued into April this year with temperatures remaining cold. The much anticipated start of the open water swim season being delayed until May due to the cold. A real shame as it's traditionally this time of year that it gets easier to get out and about! Looking forward to the warmer weather!

The RNLI team triathlon challenge I've been organising with colleagues from work is taking shape, 4 teams and 12 participants confirmed! Thanks all concerned for pitching in!
The event is Capesthorne sprint relay Triathlon on Sunday 9th June ~ 

Thanks also to Kevin Sharpe who agreed to let us use this stunning composite image he created from a photo of the Eastbourne Lifeboat crew. It now adorns our fundraising donation page here...

Not a full month of training but some good outings when I've been able to squeeze them in, here's the summary, aiming to pick it up a few notches in May!

~ 07/04/13 ~ 30mile bike ride around Sandbach, Crewe & Middlewich in 1hour 56mins
                      averaging 15.6mph
~ 14/04/13 ~ 30mins Weight Training at The Warren Gym in Abersoch
                  ~  6 mile run around Pwllheli Marina in 55mins 40secs
~ 15/04/13 ~ 7.6mile bike ride around Sandbach in 28mins averaging 16.3mph
~ 18/04/13 ~  3 mile run around the Wheelock rail trail in Sandbach in 28mins
~ 20/04/13 ~ 1 hour spin class at Total Fitness gym in Crewe
~ 21/04/13 ~ 13.5mile ride around Sandbach and Winterley in 51mins 11secs
                      averaging 15.9mph

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