Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Training Update

After the excitement and strain of the Prudential Ride London I decided to have an easy few weeks, reflected below in the training summary for the month :-)

~ 04/08/13 ~ 4.2mile bike ride from Hotel to Prudential Ride London start line in
                      23mins 48secs averaging 10.6mph
                   ~ 102mile Prudential Ride London in 6 hours 23mins 25secs averaging 
                   ~ 9mile bike ride from PRL finish line back to hotel in 55mins averaging
~ 07/08/13 ~ 13.3mile bike ride around Arclid & Winterley in 45mins 56secs averaging
~ 08/08/13 ~ 1500m open water swim at Boundary water park in 39mins 32secs
~ 28/08/13 ~ 8mile bike ride from Pwllheli to Abersoch in 33mins 13secs averaging