Sunday, 30 June 2013

June's Events, Fund Raising and Training Update...

Abersoch 10km finish line
After spending the last week of May in Abersoch on holiday with family and friends I discovered the Abersoch 10km run was scheduled for Sat 1st June whilst we were still down there. I haven't done much running so far this year but decided to give it a go as I'm considering doing the inaugural Abersoch Half Marathon later this year in October. The 10km is a great course with a comfortable enough number of runners for it to feel like an event without feeling hemmed in. A lovely day for it too! Finished on the beach in a fairly respectable time of 53mins 35seconds which I was quite pleased with!

The RNLI Triathlon Relay Teams
This was followed up the following weekend by the Findel Triathlon Team Relay challenge I organised as this year's RNLI fundraiser on Sunday 9th June. Helped by eleven friends and colleagues from work we managed to put together four relay teams to compete at the Capesthorne Triathlon. Due to a last minute illness, I ended up covering the cycle leg for the Findel Education team as well as the planned swim leg for the EGL team. 
The Swimmers!

The swim was pretty awful! A 750m swim ended up for some reason being just over 1,000m!? Consequently the time of 23mins 54secs a bit disappointing (I've been swimming 750m in about 17 to 18 mins).

The cycle leg though was excellent, probably my best ever performance in an event. It's not been unusual for most folk to pass me on the bike but this time I powered past a lot of folk including a couple of guys on serious looking time trial bikes! I completed the 26km course in 51mins 10secs averaging 18.8mph! :-)

Congratulations to the Findel Group team who took the honours on the day and a huge thanks to everyone who supported us with a donation! £955 raised for Abersoch RNLI so far!  The donation page will remain open until 9th September for any late donations! ~

The remainder of the month was spent with the sobering thought that I've got the Prudential Ride London 100 cycle sportif in just over a months time. I say sobering as
       a) it's a 100 mile cycle ride and the largest single ride I've managed so far has been
          45miles (even on last years Coast to Coast the longest day's cycling was 68
          miles with an hour stop for lunch), and...
       b) I now need to start fundraising for the very worthy Isaiah Trust only a few weeks
           after doing so for the RNLI...

Training and event log for June was as follows, with the back end of the month focusing on getting cycle fit...

01/06/13 ~ Abersoch 10km run ~ 53mins 35secs
06/06/13 ~ 1500m Open Water Swim at Boundary Water Park in 42mins
09/06/13 ~ Capesthorne RNLI Tri Swim stage ~  '750m' swim in 23mins 54secs
               ~ Capesthorne RNLI Tri Bike Stage ~ 26km Cycle in 51mins 10secs
                  averaging 18.8mph
13/06/13 ~ 750m Open Water Swim at Boundary Water Park in 18mins 01sec
16/06/13 ~ 43mile bike ride around Rode Heath, Winterley, Crewe, Nantwich,
                   Middlewich, Holmes Chapel back to Sandbach in 2hours 32mins averaging
19/06/13 ~ 8mile early morning weekday cycle around Hassall and Winterley in 29mins
                  23secs averaging 16.5mph
Bike ride to Harlech Castle

21/06/13 ~ 8mile bike ride to Brereton and back in 29mins
                  48secs averaging 16.4mph
24/06/13 ~ 8mile bike ride to Brereton and back in 27mins
                  09secs averaging 17.9mph
26/06/13 ~ 7.5mile bike ride around Sandbach in 26mins 18secs
                  averaging 17.1mph
29/06/13 ~ 65.5mile training ride for Ride London from Abersoch
                  to Harlech Castle in 4hours 8mins averaging